Saturday, 5 July 2014

Beasts of London on Facebook!

'Beasts of London' now has a Facebook page at :   which will incorporate the counties of Sussex, Kent and Surrey too...come and join!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Big cat sighting in Surrey

 "Just want to report a sighting in Coulsdon, Surrey where I live.
Last week (early April 2014)– midweek I think around dusk, I heard an awful snarling outside in the garden.  Sounded like a cat fight but with really loud noises.  I looked out and could see nothing.  It was quite shocking at the time but I thought nothing about it and kind of forgot about it.
Then on Saturday evening at dusk, but nearly dark on 5 April I heard a terrible weird scream.  I thought it sounded like a teenage girl but with a yowl sound to it somehow.  I actually went outside to the back garden and looked down the side of the house as I thought the neighbour (older couple – no teenage kids) had gone bonkers.  As I walked back up back towards my kitchen I noticed what were two white circles shining midway up the garden.  I thought for a minute that they were glints from some garden furniture or something but then realised they were two eyes staring at me !!  Judging by the size of them and the width between them on the head I figured this was a large cat – certainly not a domestic.  I could not see the body as it was pitch dark so I worked out the animal must be black.
I called my husband to get a torch but by the time he did, the animal had shifted away.  (He thought I had been on the wine and kind of did not believe me !).
Then later around 10.30/11pm we both went out to the kitchen to clear up things and saw the sensor lights trigger on the summerhouse (100 ft away down in the garden) then on the patio by the corner of the kitchen.  For a split second I looked out of the window and saw the big black cat, bounding across to other side of the garden.  I’d estimate at a rough guess it must be 4-5 feet long.
Haven’t had any more sightings since but heard it on Monday night scaling fences and starting off the local dogs in the neighbourhood."

Friday, 20 December 2013

Something strange in Catford?

Having just received this information by a female witness named Caroline, we'd like to hear more:

"I've just seen a cat strolling through the Holbeach Car Park in Catford. It had a black tip on a long thin tail, was a dusky brown colour and tall but slender and reminded me of a lynx.

i didn't have long to look at it before it disappeared behind some parked cars, but it wasn't a dog or a fox and it was much bigger than a domestic cat."

Catford, situated in the London borough of Lewisham certainly isn't known for its 'big cat' sightings and due to the vagueness of the report it's hard to really tell if this was a large predatory cat. Of course, sightings in London over the years have been sporadic mainly due to lack of green spaces although we mustn't forget that in 2001 a lynx was captured in Cricklewood after probably escaping from a  private collection although this was never verified. Whatever the case, the animal Caroline saw was not a lynx as she surmised as such cats do not have long tails, but hopefully if you're reading this Caroline you'll get back in touch to tell us more.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

More on that wallaby....

Well it seems that the rumoured wallaby of Hampstead Heath was real after all and has now made its way to Highgate. Whilst colonies of such marsupials were kept in counties such as Kent and Sussex, and escaped/released, there aren't many reports of such beasts roaming London although a few years ago now one did turn up at Beckenham. To read more follow the link HERE to the Telegraph.

Thursday, 17 October 2013